About Us

Our Mission

"Reaching Cambodia for Jesus Christ

     ... while the door remains open" 

Hands Across the Pacific is a 501c3 approved Christian Mission organization committed to demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ to the poor, the broken and the "least of these" in Cambodia.  Through your generous gifts, we have brought hope to widows, orphans, families and the emerging church in the more remote villages of this developing country. Our strong partnerships with local Cambodian Christian leaders allow for great impact, making it possible to supply spiritual and practical help directly to those who need it most. 

"How can I help?"

Your prayers, engagement, volunteering and financial gifts all strengthen and extend the reach of this ministry.  Check out our DONATE page for even more ideas on how you can make a difference! 

Our impact

Gospel Outreach

Regular team outreaches give relief to the suffering and see many respond to The Gospel in the more remote villages - most who have never heard the Good News before!

Communities are strengthened

Homeless widows and orphans are cared for by local ministry teams who volunteer their skills to help with building homes, food distribution and digging wells for potable water

Grace English and Computer School

Established by H.A.P. in 2000, Grace school offers education at a very low cost to young people in the provincial city of Kampong Chhnang.  At Grace School, students are able to gain proficiency in the 2 most important skills needed for securing employment: English and Computer